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Most of John Brown's Family  
in California is online in pdf

Authors: Jean Libby, April  
Halberstadt, John M. Lawlor,
Louis A. De Caro, Eric Ledell Smith

cover art by
Jimica Akinloye  Kenyatta
of Charlestown, West Virginia

John Brown Mysteries

Who told John Brown
that Harpers Ferry was
"the perfect steel trap"
in 1859?

Frederick Douglass

Bob O'Connor

Louis A. DeCaro knows the   
people, feels the pain of  
enslavement, and honors the  
militant action of John Brown  
and his band of young followers
New York University Press            
Inspired by a conversation William Loren
Katz had with Langston Hughes, T
Black West
presents long-neglected
stories of daring pioneers and a host of
other intrepid men and women who
marched into the wilderness alongside
Chief Osceola, Billy the Kid and
"Great God Almighty!  It's Old
John Brown!"
Sword of the Spirit, an audio CD by
Magpie (Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino)
that commemorates and celebrates the
raid on Harpers Ferry, October 16, 1859.
CD includes "Mary Brown, Abolitionist" by
Peggy Eyres.
Essential reference work
by Tom Calarco, for

People of the
Underground Railroad: a
biographical dictionary.  

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Photo Chronology"  
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The first book published   
by Allies for Freedom in   
1999 is still in print.
authors: Jean Libby,
Hannah N. Geffert, Louis
Diggs, Evelyn M.E. Taylor
Jimica Akinloye Kenyatta

John Brown Mysteries
New in September 2016

Revisions to the John Brown Photo
Chronology catalog in a
stand-alone Supplement
with Mary Brown's Life Journeys
48 pages, color, $15
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John Brown Titles: the good John Brown Harpers Ferry Raid books

     Dr. Herbert Aptheker

 at the grave of Mary Ann Day
Brown, wife of John Brown of
Harpers Ferry, May 1, 2000

Mary Brown's 200th
     April 15,  
           2016     in
Saratoga,   California