Diane Gabrielle Luboff
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Diane's scrapbook photos
Diane with Clare
& Greg Loops,
Nalini & Tom
Libby, baby

Diane's family
includes half sister
Jean (Titus) Libby,  
nieces, nephew +
spouses and five

Clare, Jean,
Ralph Libby
with Diane,
  early 1980s

born July 19, 1956

into spirit October 16, 2011

Scotland, 2009
Grandparents Tekla Mudra and Ivan (John) Lubinec   ca. 1915

Ukrainians who lived in Austria, they emigrated to the United States
during World War I.   They settled in Binghamton, New York.  

Their third daughter,
Helen (1922-1997) was Diane's mother.  She
David Luboff (ca.1915-1988) in Santa Monica, California.
David emigrated from Poland after war service with the U.S. Army.  
His father was
Itchki Chiebiocky.  This information came from a
family member Miriam Nadel after seeing this web page.

Helen and David's second child,

David Jeremiah Luboff (1959-1968)
1981 - Golden Gate Park, SF
                                                       Uncle Joe Lubinec, Aunt Edith, and cousins
                                                            Ken and Walter Lubinec with grandson   
                                                                                                             Oregon 2011
with nieces Clare and Beth

Diane made her first trip to the
Binghamton homeland when
Babu died in 1975.  Pictured
with Aunt Anna Dobransky
(d.1993) and Aunt Mary
(Mamie) Hanley (d.2016)

Barry Curtis, Diane Luboff,
Steve Lalor                2001
Joseph Lubinec passed away in Oregon in June 3013
Born in Binghamton, New York, in 1932.  Uncle Sonny
is missed by his family and friends.  Diane knew and
loved him.

Dobransky men by Angie Segal (Ron's fiance) ca. 2013
Mickey, Bobby, Ron, and their paternal cousin Joe
Dobranskys in the 1980s:  Ron,
Jeanne, Aunt Anna, Bobby

Jerry Ballard, Diane Luboff, Pamela
Hanley, Jean Libby        ca. 1990
Grandmother (Babu) Tekla Mudra (standing, left)
with her mother (center seated) and siblings and
extended in Austria  ca. 1912.
photo courtesy Mary Palmer, daughter of Sophie
(Lubinec) and George Palmer
Georgeanna Palmer,
Jean Libby, Zoann Palmer
Poliscky in 2013

Cousins found each other from
this website and Diane's blog