Gallery of friends and support for Nguyen Chi Thien and his work.

Nguyen Chi Thien, dissident Vietnamese poet, passed away
October 2, 2012 in Orange County, California, age 73.

                                                                     Obituaries and Memorials for Nguyen Chi Thien

Vo Dai Ton, freedom fighter

                                                                     imprisoned with Nguyen Chi Thien in 1988
                                                                     and 1989.  Vo Dai Ton a Colonel of the
                                                                     South Vietnamese Army Special Forces.    


Group 19 AIUSA has adopted Father Nguyen Van Ly, a political prisoner in Vietnam.  

Father Ly was imprisoned with Nguyen Chi Thien in 1991, when Thien was released after 27 total years.  
Father Ly was amnestied in 1998, but sentenced again to the Ba Sao prison in 2007.  He remains in solitary
confinement and in poor health.
Father Ly's Writings in bilingual text                                       

Father Nguyen Huu Le of New Zealand, in San Jose
with Vietnamese community leaders Le Huu Phu
(blue shirt), names of next, and Mayor Jose Esteves
of Milpitas.  The mayor issued a proclamation in
honor of Nguyen Chi Thien at the Milpitas
Community Library in July 2007.  
Truong Anh Thuy, of Canh Nam Press in Virginia, with poet Nguyen Chi Thien in
Warsaw in November 2006.  The conference was to increase antiCommunist solidarity.
James Scott, publisher of the bilingual
Hoa Dia Nguc / Flowers from Hell
poems of Nguyen Chi Thien in 1984
(winner of the Rotterdam International
Poetry Prize while the author was still
imprisoned, whereabouts and condition
unknown) hosts NCT at Scott's  New
England farmhouse in 2005.
Vietnam in 2006 who was rescued due
to extraordinary effort of his wife and
family to petition USA legislators, is a
supporter of Nguyen Chi Thien.  Mr.
Cong was asked to recite a poem from
Hoa Dia Nguc by a cellmate in the
Vietnamese gulag.  Read his story in
Hai Truyen Tu -- Two Prison Life
Stories; Nguyen Chi Thien's prose in
bilingual text.   
photos by Jean Libby

Nguyen Cong Gian, brother of the author
Nguyen Chi Thien.  They did not see each
imprisonment in Communist Vietnam.  Mr.
Gian was a lieutenant-colonel in the South
Vietnamese army and a military advisor at
the Paris Peace Accords in 1972.     Both
brothers are now U.S. citizens.


Abstract in Vietnamese
Abstract in English  

Biography online

Brief Biography in pdf                       

    Rescued in 1995

Noboru Masuoka (USAF ret.) and
Do Mui, San Jose television
journalist, aided NCT to immigrate
to the USA in 1995.  
reunion photo 2007

cua Trần Phong Vũ

Prof. Nguyen Xuan
Vinh, friend

Xin tri
thank you
for your

Stephen Denney, Vietnam country
specialist for Amnesty International
USA (volunteer) and
Bui Van Phu
Nguyen Chi Thien to the
UC Berkeley campus on November 1,
The prisoner poet spoke on the
campus in November 1995, when he
first arrived in the USA.  He was the
guest of the late Douglas Pike,
founder of the Indochina Archive.
Nguyen Chi Thien, Penelope Faulkner, and
Mr. Vo Van Ai in San Gabriel, California,
December 18, 2005