Jean Libby, Photographer

selected photos
Two photographers and their subject:

full story and more photos on Nguoi Viet 2

Binh Danh photographer and Angelica Muro
pose beside their portrait of a neighborhood
child at a recent exhibit in San Jose, California.  
Jean Libby is a retired community college  
Instructor who now writes and publishes   
photo with historian David McCullough and students in 2004
by Chancellor Martha Kantor, Foothill-DeAnza Community
College District in California.  
Sarah Brown was the daughter of John Brown, abolitionist.     She became friends with another progressive woman and artist, Lucy Higgins, in the 1880s in
Saratoga, California.  Lucy's husband, Rufus Higgins, was the realtor who arranged the purchase of a farm high in the mountains for Mary Brown, widow of
John Brown.  After Mary's death in 1884 Sarah moved into town and bought property next to her sister, Ellen Brown Fablinger.  All three women opposed
discrimination laws against Asian workers. Sarah Brown learned Japanese in order to teach the farmworkers English.  They built her a Japanese garden in
appreciation.  Sarah and Ellen both died in 1916, and are buried in the Madronia Cemetery in Saratoga, next to their mother
Mary Day Brown "wife of John
Brown of Harper's Ferry."

Lucy inherited (legacy of Sarah) a letter from John Brown to his wife Mary in 1854, which was passed down in the family and  rediscovered in 2003.  Lori
Deal, the descendant of Lucy and Rufus Higgins, shared this letter with Jean Libby, a John Brown scholar and U.S. History teacher, for the making of this

"Sarah Brown and Lucy Higgins"
Jean Libby, writer and producer     
preview copy:               
Nguyen Chi Thien, dissident poet

The Hoa Lo/ Hanoi Hilton Stories by Nguyen Chi Thien (translated by Nguyen Ngoc Bich, Tran
Van Dien, Saroyan Vann Phan, and Nguyen Kiem Phong) are now published in English by the
Council on Southeast Asia Studies at Yale University.  (November 2007)  

"survivors" at Monterey Dunes Refuge, California July 16, 2005
in The Economist October 13, 2012

Smithsonian Institution visit     Washington D.C.  March 2007

photos by Jean Libby,
Allies for Freedom publishers
Harpers Ferry artist-in-residence Louise Meeks
conducting an art workshop at the Niagara
Movement Centenary, August 20, 2006.
Student parade in honor of Dr. Martin King  
at De Anza College     
y    teaching  method.     
Chi Thien was an
Amnesty International  
Prisoner of Conscience
who was rescued from
27 years imprisonment
in Communist North
Vietnam in 1991
because the world