Twelve State-level Lies Damaging Vietnamese Traditional Values

VRNs (Aug 03, 2010) - Huế - In the Roman Catholic Church, an Ad Limina visit means the obligation of residential
diocesan bishops and certain prelates with territorial jurisdiction, of visiting the thresholds of the tombs of the
Apostles, Saints Peter and Paul, and of meeting the Pope to report on the state of their dioceses or prelatures.  
Each bishop meets the Pope for 15 – 30 minutes. On the Ad Limina of the Vietnamese Bishop Council in 1980, the
late Archbishop Philip Nguyen Kim Dien asked the Pope, “His Holiness, what do you think about Communism?”.
Without hesitation, the Pope answered clearly and concisely in French, “Mensonge! Et rien que mensonge!” (Lies!
And lies only!)

Before 1954, at the age of five or six, I could remember a poem about the communists, the liars:

Lie to Heaven, lie to Earth, endless lies,
Lie on the paper, lie in the life,
Lie from Europe to Asia,
Lie all the year round,
Deceiving the people, deceiving the world.
Lies, continuous lies, never finished,
Lie to Heaven, lie to Earth, endless lies,

I have repeated many times to the world, “Vietnam is now a huge and skillful school of lies”. From a nursery school
pupil and his parents to the head of the nation, even religious officials, are obliged to tell lies so that their work can
be done smoothly. The Vietnamese overseas have to tell a lie at the airport in order to clear the customs quickly!”
But who is the father of the performance exaggeration, forged degrees, false examinations, imaginary reports,
counterfeit medicine and food? Who is responsible for lies “made in Vietnam”? Certainly the very man that caused
them must be Ho Chi Minh, a defrauder who deceived nearly the whole world.

The lies that have been told by international and Vietnamese communists are countless. To add to the list of
communist lies that have been reported for many years, I would like to state more 12 symbolic lies that objectively
show the nature of international and Vietnamese communism. This is the truth, not due to the prejudice or distortion
by anybody to boycott communism and socialism in Vietnam and over the world.

1.        At the end of the year 1945, in order to deceive the people, HCM declared that he was disbanding the
Vietnam Communist Party. But in fact he tried to keep its activities secret. Then he changed its name into The
Vietnam Labor Party. Later he officially named it the Vietnam Communist Party.

2.        In the Declaration of Independence on September 2nd 1945 and in the Constitution of 1946, HCM and
Vietnamese Communists deliberately ignored the terms socialism and communism. However, later they obliged the
people to accept the slogans “National independence must be connected to socialism” and “love for the country
means love for socialism” (?!)

3.        After the Geneva Agreement July 20th 1954, all the communist cadres in South Vietnam could freely
immigrate to North Vietnam if they wanted, but the people in the North who wanted to move to the South were
threatened, prevented and shot cruelly. Their ships were shot, and they were drowned into the sea.

4.        In 1955, HCM signed the decree of freedom for religions. After that, all the minor and major seminaries were
closed (after 1973, only two in Hanoi and Vinh were allowed to re-open  with a strict admission limit). All the nuns
were forced to go home to get married. Only a few who were persistent to stay secretly in the convents could wait
until 1975. A lot of priests, monks, nuns and followers were imprisoned, some of them died in prison. At this moment,
all the minor seminaries in Vietnam are kept by the government. Six major seminaries are now open in Vietnam, but
the seminarians are obliged to study “Marxism – Leninism” and so-called “Ho chi Minh ideas”.  (This is a kind of
brainwash). Especially, no religious printing houses or magazines are allowed in Vietnam.

5.        From 1960 to 1975, the communist soldiers from the North invaded the South along Ho chi Minh road on the
Truong Son mountain and they also went to the South by sea. However, the Vietnamese communists dared to
announce that the Southerners rebelled against the South government. Nowadays, they say “our soldiers have the
legendary Truong Son road”.  What a shame it is!

6.        The Paris Peace Accords of 1973, Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam, said,
“Within sixty days of the signing of this Agreement, there will be a total withdrawal from South Viet-Nam of troops,
military advisers, and military personnel” so that the South people could determine their future in peace. The
American troops withdrew “innocently”, while the North troops carried out their devious plans to attack the South. As
a result, the Vietnam war in the South became more and more fierce until the end on 30 April 1975. Only the USA
was deceived!”

7.        Since 1975, the leaders and spokesmen of the communist Ministry of Foreign Affairs have always cried
shamelessly, “In Vietnam, there are no religious prisoners, prisoners of conscience and political prisoners”. In fact,
nowadays in Vietnam there are more than 200 prisoners of conscience, political prisoners and religious prisoners of
the Protestant Church, Buddhism, Hoa Hao Buddhism and Catholic Church. I always ask the policemen who arrested
and imprisoned me, “What kind of prisoner am I?”, and they could not answer my question. In prison, I kept fasting
when I read the above communist propaganda. On the lunar new year of Ky Suu 2009, I kept fasting for three Tet
holidays when I heard Nguyen Minh Triet, the nation head, told that lie in the USA.

8.        The constitution of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992, amended in 2001, article 59b: “Primary education is
to be compulsory and free of charge.” However, if Ho chi Minh were alive now, could he find a school, even a
kindergarten, in which pupils do not have to pay tuition? Without the financial help of the religions, many pupils
would be illiterate.

9.        The constitution of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992, amended in 2001, article 52: “All citizens are equal
before the law”. Only crazy or stupid people believe this. The government officials are still free even though they
commit serious crimes while their victims are imprisoned. Consider the sex cases of Nguyen Truong To or Pham
Thanh Binh to be sure about this.

10.        The communist government officials always tell this lie: “The government compensates people’s assets
satisfactorily when the area is on the pipeline. All is for the common benefits, and the people must have a better life
if they have to move to another area.” However, recently the police have killed Le Xuan Dung, aged 12 and Le Huu
Nam, aged 40 in Thanh Hoa just because they had not accepted unfair compensation. On July 3th 2010, the police
beat Thomas Nguyen Thanh Nam to death after they assaulted him together with many other Christians in Con Dau,
just because they had not accepted the cruel treatment of the government.

11.        For more than 35 years, the Vietnamese communists compaigned for “Protecting Mothers and Children”,
implying that abortion must be committed to reduce the number of babies in Vietnam. As a result, two million babies
are killed every year. They follow the example of China to commit this serious crime.

12.        For nearly 65 years, the communists have lied that people are free to vote and to stand candidates in
Vietnam. In fact, the communist party is so dictatorial that only the Party members can win the election. The people’s
representatives are in fact the puppets that have to agree with the Party without thinking. This is a big lie to the
people and the whole world.

Conclusion: Many people have known the lies told by the Vietnamese communists. We cannot keep silent any more.
Especially, the clergymen and the intellectuals should speak up. If we keep silent, we will co-operate with the
communists to spread the lies and to kill babies, to kill people to rob their lands, to live with shame and to play a role
on the stage of the communists.

Let us recognize the twelve lies and let us try to liberate ourselves in order to help more and more
people so that they are not afraid any more and avoid lies.

July 25th 2010,
Rev. Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly, [Father Ly]
Prisoner of Conscience.

English translation by Faithful Follower
edited by Jean Libby, Allies for Freedom